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Generals Palace
Live like a general!



Upgrade Center



Hit points


Armour type
  • Structure Armor
  • GLA Upgraded Structure Armor with Fortified Structure


Build time


Produced by



Arms Dealer



Sight range


ZH Fortified Structure Icons
Fortified Structure
ZH Camo Netting Icons
Camo Netting (Prince Kassad only)

Not required


Garrisonable by five infantry

Gen1 Palace Icons

The Palace was a GLA building that was necessary for GLA commanders to acquire and use the more sophisticated weapons, structures and upgrades that the GLA had to offer, as a sort of Tech center. Palaces could be occupied by up to five infantrymen at a time and used as a safe house for “hero units” (Black Lotus, Colonel Burton, Jarmen Kell etc.) under the attack of superweapons or air raids, or used as a blockhouse being both a physical and combative obstacle. The Palace cannot be captured by the enemy.

Infantry from within can fire on incoming threats, making the Palace a heavier version of the Chinese bunker (albeit a far more expensive one), with the added benefit that several building clearing units could not kill the infantry inside (Dragon tank, Rangers via combat drop or Flash-Bangs, or Toxin Tractors. However, as with all garrisonable buildings it can be cleared out with Bunker Busters deployed by Stealth Fighter. Whilst trivial, it is also immune to EMP effects.

The Palace may hold allusion to 2003's invasion on Iraq as Saddam was accused of hiding his weapon of mass destruction in one of his palaces. Real life palace construction would be much more luxurious and elegant, with little consideration to the building's durability (other than longevity) or any other purpose.


ZH Fortified Structure Icons Fortified Structure Fortify Palace against enemy attacks. Purchasable at any Palace for a cost of $1000.
ZH Camo Netting Icons Camo Netting Upgrades Palace with camo netting, rendering it invisible to enemy forces until it fires or is fired upon, or detected by detectors. Purchasable at the building for a cost of $500.

Upgrades available from the Palace

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Arm the Mob Icons Arm the mob Angry Mobs could be given an AK-47 each with this upgrade
ZH Fortified Structure Icons Fortified Structure
  • Improved the strength of GLA buildings
  • Developed later in the war as the GLA became involved in more direct battles with the USA and China
  • Zero Hour only
Gen1 Camouflage Icons Camouflage
  • GLA Rebel fighters could be trained in camouflage in order to become stealthy when crossing the battlefield
  • Default for Prince Kassad's stealth rebels
ZH Demolition Icons Demolition
  • Allows all units and base defenses to self-destruct
  • Rodall Juhziz only
Gen1 Anthrax Shells Icons Toxin shells

Armed Scorpion tanks and Marauder tanks with toxin-laced shells

Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons Anthrax Beta
  • An improved toxin for all units that used toxins
  • Dr. Thrax, already possessing Anthrax Beta as standard, could upgrade to Anthrax Gamma
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons Anthrax Gamma
  • An further improved toxin for all units that used toxins
  • Dr. Thrax only
Gla Global Liberation Army GLA War Arsenal Gla

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