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Anti-heavy aircraft, Missile shield

  • Paladin Laser (Laser)
  • Anti-missile Point Defense Laser (4x)

Medium Aircraft




6 CP

Build time



Level 6

  • Anti-rocket Mode
    • Shoots down incoming enemy rockets and missiles but disables main weapon
GDI Engineer 2047
Prepping blueprints for expansion...
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All lasers on that one!
- Paladin

The Paladin is a GDI Laser-armed aircraft in Tiberian Twilight.


During the third Tib War a lot was to be improved upon, considering most of GDI's Air Force during this time had no air-to-air combat capabilities. The use of the Firehawk, and later the Slingshot, aided in lessening the losses to air crews, but GDI High Command still needed a solution. Indeed, with the introduction of the new Orca Mk. 5 and its counterpart, the Hurricane, the lifespan of GDI aircraft was greatly extended. However the large aircraft proved susceptible to rocket fire, a key part of Nod strikes, especially their feared packs of Venoms.

So, when creating a Crawler-Killing platform was in development a freak accident ended in the creation of the solution to lots of GDI High Command's problems. The Paladin was first created as a Crawler-Killer, but during primary testing in unison with other GDI units, a Sandstorm in this case, the lasers were being used on the same targets that everyone else was using. In one such case, a Paladin prototype shot its laser cannon, but the targeting system still had some bugs, and locked onto a missile. For the next few minuites, the laser went into overdrive, trying to shoot down every missile it could. After close analysis of the targeting computer it was found that the tracking sensors were too sensitive; because the laser was not the fastest firing weapon, the targeting computer was made to look for weak spots in the heavy armour, primarily hotspots, which could be where electrical systems have been exposed it where internal fires have started. This would allow maximum damage to be inflicted on the target, however the system picked up missiles in the fray, as well. The computer could not distinguish why was a 'soft spot' in enemy armour and what was a rocket. However, before the bug was erased a the chief engineer decided to halt work and pass the story on, up the chain of command. Upon later agreement, High Command had a retro-fitted gunship with extra lasers, to hit missiles in stead of actual units. To maximise results, only one of its two fire modes could be employed at once, else the computer would either overload or simply need to be unfeasably large. The targeting system was not the only problem with using both systems; the power needed for all systems, at once, to be operating would need a reactor closer to that of what power the Hammerhead, which defeats much of the initial design brief.

Once it passed basic testing and put into a few small skirmishes with Nod Seperatists, the Paladin was cleared for service, and GDI got its own protector of the ranks. Indeed, Paladins were so successful at reducing losses in battle that they became commonly available almost instantly, after being introduced.

Now, the sight of a Paladin brings only dread to enemy missile-maniacs and joy to fellow GDI airmen.


GDI Engineer 2047
Prepping blueprints for expansion...
Paladin (Tiberian Twilight) is a stub and needs your help. You can help by expanding it.
Please refer to the talk page for further discussion.

The Paladin is the only Laser-armed aircraft available to the GDI Support Class before the Thunderhead is unlocked. It is unlocked at Level 6 and requires the Commander to have researched the Tier 2 Crawler upgrade.

Paladins are armed with Ion Beams (called Lasers in the game) that are highly effective against heavy units, but nearly useless against light vehicles and infantry.

The Paladin sports Medium Aircraft-type armour that is vulnerable to rockets but reasonably resistant to most other attacks. As aircraft, Paladins cannot be targeted by Cannon attacks, making them extremely effective against Avatars.

Paladins are relatively fast, though not as fast as Nod's aircraft. They are significantly tougher, however.

The Paladin's special ability is to toggle between anti-rocket mode and normal mode. In the anti-rocket mode, the Paladin's main weapon is disabled, but it can now shoot down enemy rockets (similar to the Point defense lasers in the General's universe), allowing them to protect friendly units that are under fire from missile/rocket-armed units, especially Stealth Tanks. They can still be overwhelmed if there are too many rockets.

There is no equivalent of the Paladin in the Nod arsenal. Their Nod analogue is the Tyrant. An achievement can be earned if the player uses the paladins laser to shoot down several rockets.

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