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Park Kang-Dae
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Biographical information


Political information

Asian-Pacific Alliance

  • Korea

4 star general

Game information

Second GLA War


Urban Combat general

Generals2logo The following is based on content cut from Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
No one stands in my way and survives. Consider yourself warned.
- Beast

Park "Beast" Kang-Dae is a Korean APA general who was to appear in Command & Conquer. He specialises in urban combat.


Tales of Park 'The Beast' Kang-Dae reverberate throughout the APA military, and while the exploits described vary, the core elements of each story remain the same - intense urban combat, horrific bloodshed and a hard fought victory for the APA side. General Park is much storied, much feared leader of the "Bloody 9th", the APA's specialist Urban Combat division, a group famed for their ability to brutally cleanse the city of enemy presence, leaving little more than spattered blood and eerie silence in their wake. The Beast is a master of both armed and un-armed combat, a skilled tactician and an utterly remorseless presence on the battlefield; no matter how many lives it takes, no matter how many human rights conventions shattered, no matter what the cost, he will have his victory.



Base Defense

Exclusive support powers



  • He has the Chinese characters "骠骑 (piao qi, meaning “mighty cavalry”) 常勝 (chang sheng, meaning "always win") "on his pockets in front of his armor.
  • 'Piaoqi' is a title given to capable generals during the Chinese dynasties - a title befitting Park, a highly-ranked general himself.
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