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Planetary Assault Carrier
  • Basic
  • Upgraded with Forcefield Generators

CNCTW Scrin Emblem Scrin
CNCKW Traveler-59 Logo Traveler-59


Heavy Capital Ship/Aircraft Carrier





Hit points


Armour type

Heavy (100% Cannon, 100% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 100% Gun, 1% Sniper)



Build time


Produced by

Gravity Stabilizer


Signal Transmitter



Air speed


Attack range

400 (before fighters can launch)


CNCTW Forcefield Generators Cameo Forcefield generators
CNCKW Traveler Engines Cameo Traveler Engines


CNCTW Ion Storm Cameo Ion storm
CNCTW Stormrider Ability Cameo Stormrider
Detects stealth

CNCTW Planetary Assault Carrier Cameo

Planetary Assault Carriers are among the most fearsome and powerful Scrin aircraft witnessed during the Third Tiberium War.


Resembling giant, floating fish skeleton, each Carrier arrives above the battlefield armed with a contingent of smaller Scrin Invader fighters, which immediately detach from it and swarm around their target, firing plasma weapons. When working together these fighters are able to deal significant damage, and if destroyed the Carrier is able to "grow" a replacement.

However, carriers are perhaps most dangerous when generating an ion storm, as they were apparently able to do at will. It has been observed that these ships actually regain hull integrity while in an ion storm. While harming human forces, ion storms enhance the fighting capability of Scrin aircraft in particular. Carriers have also been witnessed possessing an energy shield, similar to that seen on the Annihilator Tripod and Devastator Warship, which greatly enhances their durability.

These are considered analogous to our aircraft carriers in that they both transport vessels for combat aircraft, that they are the main ships of a fleet, and that they have very few defenses of their own. However they can fly, carry twice as many aircraft as the current aircraft carrier, can utilize shields, and can create ion storms which distinguishes them greatly from the aircraft carriers of GDI.


CNCTW Ion Storm Cameo
Ion storm The Planetary Assault Carrier manipulates weather via the use of Tiberium to generate an Ion Storm around the carrier that buffs Scrin aircraft by adding +25% damage and reducing incoming damage by adding 25% damage reduction, heals Scrin aircraft by 5% life per second of Ion Storm effect and inflicts damage to hostile units in a short radius around it. Note that all hostile Scrin aircraft only take 20% of this damage. This power has a 60 second cooldown and is canceled if the carrier moves (Ctrl+A).
CNCTW Stormrider Ability Cameo
Stormrider The Planetary Assault Carrier is buffed upon entering an Ion Storm by adding +25% damage and reducing incoming damage by adding 25% damage reduction, and being healed for 5% of its life for every second of the Ion Storm effect. This effect is lost shortly after it leaves the storm.


CNCTW Forcefield Generators Cameo
Forcefield generators Planetary Assault Carrier can be equipped with shields that add an additional 2500 hit points protection with the same armor as the carrier. Shields will return to full strength if damaged or destroyed after 2 minutes. Shields protect Planetary Assault Carrier from one EMP blast, but the shield is destroyed if the aircraft is EMP'd (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at any Technology Assembler for $4000 and takes 1:30 to research.
CNCKW Traveler Engines Cameo
Traveler Engines Traveler-59 warships can be upgraded with advanced engines for even swifter tactical strikes. Researching Traveler Engines increases the speed of Planetary Assault Carrier by 30% (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at Traveler-59 Technology Assembler for $1500 and takes 0:40 to research.


The menacing Planetary Assault Carriers are often the spearheads of a Scrin aerial assault, contributing swarms of Invader Fighters to any battle. The ability to generate Ion Storms and detect stealth units makes them even more valuable in any war fleet. Each Planetary Assault Carrier comes with 8 Invader fighters that can be deployed to destroy targets. Planetary Assault Carriers regenerate lost fighters slowly over time.



  • Deadly for Tier 3 units; the PACs are like flying Mammoth 27s
  • Feared by all air and ground units, even Epic Units
  • Can replace lost fighters free of charge
  • Has shield or engine upgrades
  • Strong armor
  • Can generate Ion Storms, and getting buffed by it :
    • Strong armor plus a 25% damage reduction makes it even tougher.
    • Self-repairs in Ion Storms, this unit can repair itself (and other allied Scrin aircraft) without heroic veterency or it's production facility, at a decent rate.
    • Apart from getting a damage buff, ion storms can damage all type of nearby enemies ,further improve its already impressive destructive power
  • Able to destroy enemy bases in superior numbers
  • Has Stealth detection
  • Perhaps the most powerful Tier 4 unit in the war in terms of aerial combat
  • Virtually matchless in one-on-one fights
  • Effective against normal infantry


  • Defenseless without its fighters, and it takes time to replace destroyed ones.
  • Slingshots, APCs and Mantis can accurately hit its fighters in swarms.
  • The EMP Control Center's EMP can take down an unshielded PAC.
  • Very expensive and can only be accessed at the very late game (requires Signal Transmitter).
  • Not very effective against advanced infantry
  • Cannot generate ion storm while moving
  • Range to launch its fighters is limited, well within most AA's attack range.
  • Extremely slow
  • Defenseless against large groups of enemy AA units
  • Most expensive non-epic unit in the war, tied with the Annihilator Tripod, Reaper Tripod, and the Black Hand's Purifier Warmech (3000 credits).
  • Easy to defeat in a well-defended GDI Base, especially if the base has not only enough AA Guns to take out their Swarms (and then the PAC itself, with enough time), but 4 Firehawks with Air-to-Air Missiles can easily take it down under covering fire of their AA Guns.
  • Requires a tremendous amount of resources to produce en masse.
  • Despite its stealth detection abilities, Stealth Tanks are still a serious threat in sizable groups.
  • Has difficulty to hit aircraft with high mobility due to longer time for the PAC's swarm to lock the air targets compared when targeting ground units. As such, it is possible for Hammerheads with Missile Squads or Zone Raiders and Firehawks to keep maneuvering and destroy it via hit-and-run tactics while the Ion Storm is still in cooldown.


CNCTW Scrin Emblem Scrin Third Tiberium War Arsenal CNCTW Scrin Emblem

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