Point-Defense Drones
Shogun battleship protected by Point-Defense Drones

Empire of the Rising Sun


1 security point


Point Defense Drones are deployed onto units granting them a weak 'shield' that protects them from enemy fire, and also Terror Drone infection damage until the shield is depleted by enemy fire, or after two minutes.

Point-Defense Drones is an Imperial upgrade, which can be accessed via Top Secret Protocol.

This upgrade equips to the targeted armored units three Point-Defense Drones, which can absorb up to 200 damage from enemies. Those drones can be picked up by Magnetic Satellite and can be repaired by Repair Drones as well. While they can only be equipped to ground/sea units, an Imperial commander can equip them for Mecha Tengus or Striker VXs and still keep their equips even after they transform.


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