Port Authority Building

Hampton Roads Shipyard, eastern seaboard of the United States.


North America




Under GDI military



Appears in

Tiberium Wars


Sabotage at Hampton Roads

The Port Authority Building was a Nod target that needs to be destroyed in order to send their own reinforcements due to the GDI defeats after attacks on the Goddard Space Center, Andrews Air Force Base and capturing the moral symbol of GDI, the White House.

The Suicide Attack

Following the capture of the White House, a Nod Commando infiltrated the Hampton Roads naval base. Killing GDI Riflemen squads and reaching GDS Pathe, a GDI Commando battled his rival until he was shot and the boat that was docked, got blown up. Reinforcements soon came in, full of Fanatics. Finding the Saboteur, he quickly got into a lightly-guarded GDI compound where he shut off all radar via a Command Post after Sniper Teams were killed by Fanatic bombers. The taskforce entered the area, shooting at a Predator Tank and guards until the Port authority building got suddenly blown up. This was a rosed victory for Nod as GDI were hopeless at losing reinforcements and came to their last stand, Washington DC.

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