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Power Plant
  • On land
  • On water.



Provides power





Build time




RA3 Power Plant Icons

Power Plant is an Allied structure in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


The standard Allied Power Plant consists of two turbine-operated generators, specially designed with efficiency, low waste heat, and high power output in mind. Surrounded by a simple fold-out steel structure and topped with two exhaust ports, the Allied Power Plant makes use of a heat dissipating system in the form of a fan and, for emergencies, copper heat sinks.

RA3 Power Plant Concept art

Concept art

In operation, highly refined fuel is pumped in from tanks or pipes, and a steady flow of electricity is generated. Designed to handle all transmission, connection and yield variations that might occur within an Allied base, the cramped interior contains transformers, emergency backups, and a large operations console that allows monitoring of the power drain and supply.


The Allied Power Plant produces slightly more power than its Soviet counterpart, since the Allies do not have a secondary source of power like the Soviets do. The Allied Power Plant like all the other power plants can be placed on both the land and in the water.

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