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Power Signature Scan
CNCKW Power Signature Scan
Power signature scan detects GDI Power Plants

CNC3 Nod Logo Nod (campaign-only)
CNCKW Black Hand Logo Black Hand



Build time



Operations center


Ctrl + F3


Temporarily reveals all power plants on the map

CNCKW Power Signature Scan Cameo

The Power Signature scan is a support power that was developed by the Black Hand following the Firestorm Crisis. Deployed from the Operations Center, it can detect all Power Plants, whether friendly or enemy, across the battlefield.

Role in the campaign

As GDI Power Plants are usually placed within their bases, discovering the location of enemy power plants often results in the discovery of large portions of GDI bases. The AI LEGION used this ability several times during Kane's return to power and beyond when granted control of Black Hand forces.


The Power Signature Scan is exclusively available to the Black Hand subfaction of Nod, except in a few missions of the Campaign.

See also

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