Czech Republic






Capital City


Brotherhood of Nod

Appears in

Tiberian Dawn


Infiltrate Nod Base

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. The Nod Czech Commander and also, his superior leader were the two leaders that are residing in the city before GDI captured the city.

First Tiberium War

The Brotherhood of Nod used the Czech Republic's defection as possible and a Nod puppet leader was appointed to lead the Czech people. When the GDI mission in Ostrava was successful, the GDI forces drew west and reached the city of Prague where all the Nod forces were defending their main base and also, their own puppet leader. The Nod Czech Commander was killed in his Construction yard when all Nod forces and nearly the base was destroyed leading to the overthrow of the Czech puppet leader who was imprisoned as a POW and GDI forces established a friendly government under a Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to lead GDI to victory by helping the GDI presence near Salzburg to full restoration in the middle of the First Tiberium War.

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