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Prism Tower
Prism Tower



Anti-surface base defense


Laser Beam
Support Beam





Tech level


Hit points


Armour type




Build time


Produced by

Allied Construction Yard


Airforce Command Headquarter

Ground attack
  • 120 (Laser Beam) (PrismWarhead)
  • 200 (Support Beam) (DummyWarhead)

45 (60 in RA2)

Attack range


Sight range




RA2 Prism Tower Icons

The Prism Tower was the primary Allied defense structure during Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


When Prism Tower X, it is placed close to Prism Tower Y, the energy produced by the centered tower will be increased by a factor of X over Y times 2! Beautiful, ja?!
- Albert Einstein, Operation: Liberty

The Prism Tower consists of 6 rotating mirrors on the top of a tower. These mirrors are positioned to form a charging chamber to produce a photon beam to be directed by the tower's top mirror. A single Prism Tower laser beam is less powerful than a Tesla coil, especially if being charged by Tesla troopers. However, the Prism Tower fires faster than the Tesla Coil. It also has a slightly greater range than the Tesla Coil. Two or more Prism Towers in close range have the ability to combine their shots, increasing the power of their beam, a property that the Soviets do not possess. In essence, this was done by firing off a beam at another tower, and then at another prism tower, which would itself fire at the precise instant to create a highly destructive, armor-shattering blast.


The Prism Tower was developed by Albert Einstein to counter the Soviet Tesla coil. The first deployment of the Prism Tower was at the Pentagon, as part of the defenses against the Soviet attack. The Prism Towers proved to be much more effective, owing to their range and the auxiliary power of Prism Towers behind the frontal tower which would otherwise be too far to deal with the attackers, and soon deployed at Allied bases around the globe.

They were particularly effective against heavily armored Soviet tanks, even Apocalypse tanks. Nevertheless, artillery and V3 launchers out range the prism beams and could easily take out the medium-armored towers. The tower also had no defense against aircraft. Additionally, as any prism towers in close range will combine their shots, a group of towers placed close together would able to destroy one tank in one shot. However, in a group of four, the power of the charge was reset to that of a single tower, so five towers would have the same effect as two. Soviet commanders were sometimes able to exploit this weakness and overwhelmed the towers by sheer numbers.

Prism Tower soviet version

Soviet version

The Soviet had successfully replicate Prism Tower (in experimental version) seen on operation Sun Temple. This version sports a different design of mirror (larger) and placed atop of ex-Mayan Temple Ruin. These version is much powerful (capable to shoot faster with more potent beam) albeit it is unknown if Prism tower auxiliary feature is installed. Being experimental and sporting larger machinery, it can be captured by engineers.


During Post-war Crisis, these towers can still combine their beams to heavily damage enemies.

Because of the disappearance of Albert Einstein, the Prism Tower is not seen in War of the Three Powers. However, a different, but functionally equivalent version was made in its place - The Spectrum Tower which boast similar trait.



In campaign mode, Prism Towers are much more potent when combined, as only two could destroy a Soviet Apocalypse Tank in a single beam, while it took the combined beams of five towers in skirmish mode.

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