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Production Disruption

In The Nick Of Time


Harbor Reclamation

Part of

Second World War




Somewhere in Europe


Allied victory and disruption to all Soviet structures containing its units.



Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Use a Spy into all Soviet structures containing any units.

Repel the Allied force


Field Commander A9

Field Commander S7


Special Agent Tanya Adams
Allied arsenal and base

Soviet base fortified by:



Soviet barracks disrupted
War Factory disrupted
Airfield disrupted
Naval yard disrupted

The Soviets are beginning construction of a new class of submarine capable of launching sea-to-ground missiles. We don't have to tell you the amount of devastation these could cause.

Take a small squad of troops and infiltrate their power grid. When it is down, additional reinforcements will be sent in.

When ready, head north and destroy their Sub pen, preventing further construction of these subs. If any are built, they must not be allowed to escape!
- Mission briefing

Production Disruption is the third mission during the Aftermath in the Second World War.


Following an important engagement with Soviet forces from destroying an abandoned Allied base, Field Commander A9 received a mysterious call from Special Agent Tanya Adams and sent to American General, Ben Carville that a Soviet garrison somewhere in Europe is planning to bring out units in fighting on the continent and destroying the Allied base. The Commander finds out that this base is heavily fortified with a lot of Soviet defenses, but cannot make a break-in to this operation's objective and Field Commander S7 is waiting for Field Commander A9's response to do something much more bigger.


All Soviet units inside the Soviet barracks, War Factory, Naval yard and also the Airfield were absolutely destroyed to pieces and the Red Army believes that more Soviet bases will be established and defended across Europe despite a stolen remark from Tanya Adams' rival, Volkov. Carville sends the Commander to Italy to destroy the Soviets' harbour in the country's northern state.

Red Alert Missions

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