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Prospector on duty.
- Prospector reporting in
RA3 Prospector Icons

The Prospector is the Allies' basic resource gatherer and base expansion vehicle in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


Need someone to take a look around?
- Prospector reporting in

A well designed and tightly built material supply truck, the prospector is a relative of civilian delivery trucks. In fact, they were originally designed as industrial pick-up vehicles and it wasn't until the conflict with the Soviet Union at which point prospectors became one of the most important strategic assets to the Allied war effort, leaving them as priority targets for Soviet soldiers.

Initially, they were just civilian trucks, widely used to transport ore, which is considered to be virtually abundant across the entire world, unimportant to the general public and a renewable resource (even though it's impossible, but when has the public ever listened to reason?). In fact, the Boise-based excavation company, Well-Refined Ore Corporation, has a very direct motto: "Ore: Don't even worry about it". It wasn't until the escalation of hostilities that the increased demand for ore led to the research focusing on new ways to gather it directly from dormant mines. It was around this time that the Allies retrofitted their prospectors with magnetically-sealed cargo bins as well as amphibious capability in addition to military grade components for their deployable antenna arrays.

Prospector operators, despite the danger of their work and undeniable monotony, are widely known for their cheerful demeanor and customer-friendly attitude towards their work. Part of this may be due to their wages, since the Allies consider each and every prospector a key asset in the field. They are also known for their tendency to drive through enemy infantry when cornered, although it's discouraged by Allied publicists, for obvious reasons. Prospectors ultimately are the key to letting the Allies manufacture new equipment in the field.

Once deployed into a Command Hub it needs time to unpack and once completed, if the commander places unit producing structures nearby, it must be upgraded like any other Construction Yard to access the higher technology-leveled units.


RA3 Deploy Icons
Deploy The Prospector can deploy into a Command Hub, allowing for base expansion beyond the original base radius. This process however, is permanent, and cannot be reverted once performed.



  • Can deploy itself into Command Hub allowing allied player to create base expansion on land and at sea
  • Cheaper than its Soviet and Imperial counterparts
  • Can crush infantry
  • Can be shrunk by the Cryocopter's S.H.R.I.N.K. beam to create an expansion even quicker


  • Vulnerable to all kinds of enemy attacks and has no means of self-defense (unlike its other faction counterparts)
  • Once deployed into a Command Hub it can't pack up back into Prospector form
  • Each Command Hub must be upgraded like a Construction Yard to access the higher technology-leveled units.
  • Deployment into a Command Hub is somewhat time consuming

Notes from the field

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about the Prospector:

Easy does it -- A single prospector is included in the cost of an Allied ore refinery, and will immediately begin gathering resources from the nearest ore mine. One prospector is designed to efficiently gather from a single source, so it simply needs to be defended as it goes about its gathering route.

On-demand Command Hub -- Each prospector is outfitted to convert into an Allied command hub when the need arises (though the conversion is irreversibly complex). Command hubs provide clearance for other Allied structures to be built nearby, and also relay other important data to those structures.

Amphibious resourcing -- Prospectors can traverse land and water with equal ease, because of their automated aqua-sensitive air cushions. Their driving characteristics are similar on all terrain.

Unarmed but not defenseless -- When threatened by Soviet conscripts or other raiding parties operating on foot, Allied prospector drivers have been known to drive straight through the danger. Running down enemy combatants is strongly discouraged by Allied publicists.

Game unit

Unarmed and relatively weak, the prospector is nevertheless the most important unit in the game as an Allied player. It provides a source of income and can deploy into a command hub, which, most importantly, has a separate upgrade queue, allowing to gain clearance at a factory while the construction yard is busy expanding the base.

Furthermore, it's fully amphibious and can deploy into command hubs on water.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (iPhone)

In the Red Alert Iphone game this unit does only one thing: expansion.


Upon exiting an Armor facility

  • Need someone to take a look around?

Upon exiting an Ore Refinery

  • Prospector on duty!


  • Collecting ore is alright!
  • How's your day sir?
  • Prospector!
  • It's a beautiful day!
  • Let's have a look around!
  • Hello sir!
  • Prospector ready sir!
  • Prospector on duty!


  • Sounds good to me!
  • Well alright!
  • I didn't think of that!
  • Right away!
  • Nice day for a drive!
  • That's a great idea!

Moving to land

  • I like the beach!
  • What a great idea!
  • Looks like plenty-a room for me!

Moving to water

  • I bet the water's warm!
  • Count me in!
  • Golly, look at all that water!

Return to Refinery

  • Here I come!
  • I got the ore!
  • Home sweet home!
  • Now why didn't I think of that!


  • Now look at all that ore!
  • Let's get started!
  • Well, let's get to work!


  • But what about all the action?
  • Is it safe over there?
  • I wouldn't mind taking little a break!

Under fire

  • They don't mean no harm!
  • I might need some repair sir!
  • It's sure getting hot in here!
  • Did you smell smoke?


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