Prototype Fighter Facility

Somewhere in the Balkans




Partial Tiberium contamination


Makeshift airbase and production facility



Appears in

Tiberian Sun


Destroy Prototype Facility

  • Cloaked with stealth generators
  • Developed the Banshee prototypes
  • Destroyed by GDI
The prototype fighter factory, located somewhere in the Balkans, was one of the most important Nod bases during the Second Tiberium War. Responsible for manufacturing the prototypical Banshee fighters, basing on reverse engineered Scrin technology, it posed a significant threat to GDI, more so due to its extensive use of stealth generators.

With help from the Forgotten (led by Umagon), the base was located and a GDI strike force was brought on location together with the powerful Mammoth Mk. II battle walker. The force managed to breach the perimeter and put the factory out of commission for good.

However, the mission was not a total victory, as Umagon was captured by Nod afterwards.

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