"Feather" proximity mines were weak mines meant for base defense against commando raids. Rarely, they were used as anti-personnel mines in the First Tiberium War, they would have a weak effect on vehicles. However, mass amounts of them could cripple vehicles, but since so many were required, it was deemed impractical among many.

They were employed mainly by GDI in the final days of the First Tiberium War in order to counter the Nod Stealth Black Hand Corps, since they were notorious for entering GDI bases and wreaking havoc. Similarly, Nod employed them to stop GDI demolition personnel from infiltrating their bases.

Hotwire and Technician units come equipped with these mines by default. In most multiplayer maps, there is a limit of how much there can be on the battlefield, but this number can vary.

Proxy mine2


In the Second Tiberium War, it is heard that Vega's men laid buried c4 charges in the Scrin Ship to be used as booby traps. They were strong enough to blow a sink hole underneath.

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