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Psychic Dominator
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Charges the Psychic Dominator attack.


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YR Psychic Dominator Icons
YR Dominate Icons

The psychic dominator was Yuri's trump card with which he intended to conquer the world. Once activated over a designated area, all enemy units caught in the blast zone were immediately permanently mind-controlled.


The psychic dominator housed what may have been a gigantic brain, but is unknown at this time. It is known, however, that the device could store extreme amounts of psychic power, and then release it to mind control a group of units or vehicles in an area, though this required a significant build up of energy. When the energy is near full, the cover will be erected as it require to contain massive psychic energy.

The original design enabled the full conversion of energy into a complete psychic wave. This setup was designed that the Psychic dominator will simply release the wave in a very large area, surpassing the psychic beacon and (theoretically) in a par with psychic amplifier. This is Yuri's Ace in a hole should his initial plan to conquer the world via Soviet's hand failed. However, time travel has significantly altered the design of the engine. As Yuri didn't have enough time to complete a perfect design as intended (and in Allied's case, tampered by Einstein). The device is redesigned with lower (intended) performance but with balanced side effect.

Once charged up it would send out a huge tidal wave of psychic energy that could completely conquer human minds in small area (in a par with chronosphere and iron curtain range). It is also unleashed raw psychic power that will deal a significant damage to surrounding area (comparable with storm and nuclear attack). The blast is not affecting unit in the controlled area.


The only real weakness was that for the amplifiers to continue to gather psychic energy, they required a steady flow of large amounts of electricity from Yuri's base power plant structures. It could be delayed from firing if the bases power was knocked out. Furthermore, the device was extremely expensive, and although heavily armored, was unarmed save for the massive psychic domination, which was not the best weapon to use against enemy forces actively firing upon the dominator. A spy can also reset the weapon's timer, provided he can penetrate the base.

An effective tactic against the AI would be to send a lot of cheap infantry somewhere away from your base. The AI would fire at those infantry sparing your base (as long as they do not use the genetic mutator instead). Base defenses could then mop them up. In easy or medium difficulty, if you haven't built up yet your army, and have no units in your base, the AI simply will not target your base with the psychic dominator blast.


Psychic Dominator Alcatraz

Yuri's Dominator on Alcatraz island

Psychic Dominator Egypt

Yuri's Dominator in Egypt

Psychic Dominator

Yuri's Dominator in Antarctica

Be one with Yuri...
- A mysterious voice that is heard after the Psychic Dominator has been activated, possibly from Yuri himself.

A network of three Psychic Dominators (and according to the map intro likely a few dozen Psychic Beacons around the world) were used to conquer the minds of almost everyone on Earth during the Psychic Dominator Disaster, though the one on Alcatraz island was delayed from firing due to damage to a nuclear power plant (that Yuri captured from the Soviets) that was being used to power it. Yuri then sent his forces to capture local Tech Civilian Power Plants but his forces were defeated by the last of the Allies who used these power plants to power the Time Machine and go back through time before Yuri completed his network and started to attack them.

Yuri employed other Psychic Dominators (one in Egypt and one in Antarctica) against the Allies and the Soviets a few other times. Yuri captured Albert Einstein and attempted to have him improve the Psychic Dominator in Egypt but Allied forces rescued him and captured the Psychic Dominator. Albert Einstein had sabotaged the machine to explode after its next use but the Allies did get to use it once against Yuri's forces before it did. The last one in Antarctica was destroyed by a joint Allied-Soviet strike force.

After the Disastrous War, Soviet time travel, carried out by Premier Cherdenko, erased this superweapon from existence. However, the technological cult of the Empire of the Rising Sun had developed a similar weapon - Psionic Decimator. While this lacks the power to mind control enemies, its psychic power can cause significant destruction.

In-game, the Psychic Dominator had a seemingly small blast radius equal to the Allied Chronosphere or Soviet Iron Curtain. Any and all units caught in the radius would be permanently mind controlled (they could never be freed or mind controlled by an opposing Yuri player). The blast radius is actually similar to the one of a Nuclear missile or a Lightning storm, (although not seen directly, the player must estimate it) causing similar carnage but also in this small area in the center mind-controlling enemy units.

Like all other psychic units and structures, the dominator couldn't control any vehicles affected by the Iron Curtain.

Locations of all Yuri's bases

Below is a list of Yuri's bases during Yuri's Great World War.

From these bases, only three of them had a Psychic Dominator (two in the Soviet campaign): In the Allied campaign is Alcatraz, Egypt and Antarctica while in the Soviet campaign, in Alcatraz and in London. The missions held at four locations were: Time Shift, Time Lapse, Tomb Raided, Brain Wash and Brain Dead. The San Francisco weapon was destroyed by Boris or Tanya after going through a Time Machine, Einstein managed it to self-destruct before the German Chancellor sent the Allied commander down to the desert, Yuri losing his hell-bent capture of London by using the weapon for world domination and an Allied/Soviet alliance destroyed the final base & its main device before the traitor was thrown to prison.



  • For unknown reasons, there appear to be two variants of the Psychic Dominator. In various missions, the Dominator was claimed to have been able to mind-control all minds in a massive area permanently if activated. However, on the last mission of the Allied campaign as well as in all skirmish missions, the Dominators range does not cover more than six or four cells on a battlefield overview. Despite the exaggerated scale of its strength, the Dominator can still level structures located within its targeted area. Presumably, this is a case of story and gameplay being segregated, as if the Dominator was as powerful as made, then it would be an automatic game ender and horribly imbalanced. From a lore standpoint the Dominator's reduced range could be explained by the Allies interfering with the timeline before Yuri could get them at optimum efficiency to gain such a range.
  • The Psychic dominator's original name is Puppet Master, which is seen in some concept art and the game files.
  • Unlike other superweapons, there is no EVA announcement when a Psychic Dominator is activated. This is fixed in the Mental Omega mod, as well as giving said superweapon a longer delay before it shows its effect.
  • One can use the Psychic Dominator on their own troops, giving them the permanent mind-control effect, though it is better if it's used against enemies. Enemies cannot mind control those units, unless they use their own Psychic Dominator against the latter.
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