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Quad Cannon
Quad Cannon
Quad Cannons from below upwards; basic, upgraded once, upgraded twice


  • Anti-Aircraft
  • Anti-Infantry

4 upgradeable Heavy Machine Guns



Hit points


Armour type

Humvee Armor

  • $700
  • $750 (General Juhziz)
Build time


Produced by

Arms dealer



Ground attack
  • 10 (12.5 with AP Bullets) (Small Arms) (vs. ground)
  • 5 (6.25 with AP Bullet) (Small Arms) (vs. air)
  • 8 (10 with AP Bullet) (Small Arms) (vs. ground) (first salvage)

40 (25 if badly damaged)

Attack range
  • 150 (vs. ground)
  • 300 (vs. air)
Sight range


Gen1 AP bullets Icons
Armor-Piercing Bullet
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons
Junk Repair

Can salvage parts

I'll puncture the next thing that moves.
- Quad cannon assembled from the Arms dealer.
Gen1 Quad Cannon Icons

The Quad Cannon was a Soviet-era (ZSU-23-4) weapon recycled by the GLA. It was the organization's prime choice as an economical anti-infantry and anti-aircraft vehicle.


A half-track vehicle equipped with four heavy machine guns on a rotating turret, the Quad cannon can tear through soft and lightly-armoured targets. Especially effective in groups, the Quad cannon is cheap and easy to acquire through an Arms dealer.

Resourceful Quad cannon crews can upgrade their weapon sets by salvaging parts from destroyed enemy vehicles.


Gimme that!
- Quad Cannon about to salvage a wreck


Gen1 AP bullets Icons Armor-Piercing Bullets When purchased, this upgrade increases all Quad Cannons' guns by 25%. Purchasable at any Black Market for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons Junk Repair When purchased, this upgrade allows all Quad Cannons to auto-repair while in the field, increasing their chances of survival. Purchasable from any Black Market for a cost of $2000.


As previously mentioned, the Quad cannon can also be upgraded by salvaging parts from the battlefield, resulting in better performance.

  • Its first salvage upgrade decreases its damage slightly (from 10 to 8), but doubles the firing rate. It also gives the gun a more modern look
  • Its second salvage again doubles its firing rate, but reduces the damage per bullet from 8 to 5.

Note: Due to a bug, Quad Cannons upgraded with Scrap actually become less effective than unscrapped Quads once they gain veterancy. The reason for this is that the weapon maxes out its firing rate but continues to reduce the damage per bullet per level of veterancy.


Interestingly, a duplicate version of Prince Kassad's Quad Cannons used in the campaign has a unique ability called Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds which, if researched, allows them to kill hostile infantry in a single shot.

ZH Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds Icons Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds When purchased at the Palace, this upgrade allows Quad Cannons to kill infantry with one shot.

Game unit

We're losing units to Quad cannons - send armour!
- US Ranger


As Chinese and American generals quickly learned, in spite of its antiquity, the Quad Cannon was still a surprisingly effective weapon. Inexpensive to acquire, the Quad cannon can quickly be deployed in divisions of a considerable size, and provides very adequate protection to units lacking in anti-infantry and anti-aircraft protection. In superior numbers, they can tear through infantry, aircraft and light vehicles, and even stand a good chance against lighter tanks. Quad cannons are by no means weakly armoured either, especially for a light vehicle. Add to this the capability of Quad cannons to be easily upgraded with salvaged parts, and one can see how the quad cannon is often an underestimated vehicle to be reckoned with.

Groups of fully upgraded Quad cannons with salvaged parts can easily tear through all targets with impunity-infantry, light vehicles, aircraft, and buildings. Even heavier tanks would eventually fall to prolonged attack by a swarm of quad cannons.

Quad Cannons are extremely effective against aircraft, especially against General Granger's forces, as his laser defenses are not capable of stopping the onslaught of lead a Quad Cannon could dish out.


Nevertheless, against heavy armour deployed in large numbers, Quad Cannons are rather ineffective. Although they have average range, artillery, rogue Rocket buggies and Chinese Nuke cannons can easily destroy them without exposing themselves to attack.

As with all weapons, Quad Cannons are still vulnerable to Aurora bombers, which can simply speed past the hail of bullets and destroy the vehicle with impunity.



  • Good price
  • Fast and manueverable
  • Very effective against infantry, light vehicles and aircraft
  • Salvaged parts increases damage and rate of fire
  • Powerful when massed
  • Wins against a Humvee in a 1v1 situation
  • Can kill the soldiers in a Stinger Site
  • The most strongest AA unit in the game


  • Relatively weak armor
  • Helpless against tanks
  • Vulnerable to anti-vehicle weapons
  • Vulnerable to an Aurora Bomber

Selected Quotes

I'll puncture the next thing that moves.
- When emerging from the Arms Dealer
Quad cannon.
- When selected
Four on the floor.
- When selected
- When selected
- When selected
Don't get on my bad side.
- When selected
- When moving
Don't push me.
- When moving
I do not have patience for this!
- When moving
I'll get there.
- When moving
Yes, yes.
- When moving
Punch it!
- When ordered to attack land units
Begin stitching.
- When ordered to attack land units
Stop them dead in their tracks.
- When ordered to attack land units
They are brittle.
- When ordered to attack land units
Start the machinery.
- When ordered to attack land units
I see them.
- When ordered to attack air units
Put holes in them!
- When ordered to attack air units
Cut them down!
- When ordered to attack air units
Down to our level!
- When ordered to attack air units
Annoying pests!
- When ordered to attack air units
Clip their wings!
- When ordered to attack air units
The worms should like the dirt.
- When ordered to run over
They will break and shatter.
- When ordered to run over
Crush them into bits.
- When ordered to run over
- When ordered to run over
I'll take it.
- When ordered to salvage a wreck
It's mine!
- When ordered to salvage a wreck
Gimme that!
- When ordered to salvage a wreck

Cut Sniper Quad Cannon quotes

Line them up.
- When selected
Quad Sniper.
- When selected
I'll put them all to rest.
- When selected
Petty insects!
- When ordered to attack
Put them out of their misery!
- When ordered to attack
Mow the lawn!
- When ordered to attack
Mow them down!
- When ordered to attack
Drown them into mud!
- When ordered to attack


  • Most modern AA unit uses flak (explosive cannon rounds) to puncture holes in aircraft. The Quad Cannon however, uses solid rounds to kill their target like the M45 Quadmount Heavy Machine Gun.
  • The Quad Cannon was originally supposed to have another upgrade called Quad Cannon Snipe Rounds, which can kill infantry in a single shot. However, it was removed in normal games due to balancing reasons, but can be researched at Kassad's Palace during the Zero Hour campaigns.


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