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Radar Jamming Missile
  • In-game info
  • The missile launched in an Operations center

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  • $750 (TW 1.09)
  • $300(KW 1.02)
Build time



Operations Center

CNCTW Radar Jamming Missile Cameo
TW Radar Jamming Missile Icons

The Radar Jamming Missile is an intelligence power available exclusively to Nod and its subfactions, which disables the mini-map of the opponent/s for a brief time.

Each missile launch costs 750 credits (Tiberium Wars), or 300 credits (Kane's Wrath).

It is made available after building an Operations Center.

Intelligence Database Description

"The Radar Jamming Missile is unique to the Brotherhood of Nod and is launched from the Operations Center building. This weapon explodes above enemy facilities and does not cause any damage; however, it does disable the enemy's radar systems for a brief amount of time. When used on a whim this is at best an annoyance for the enemy concerned. However, the missile is at its most effective when used tactically in conjunction with a stealthy Nod strike from an unexpected angle. The forces of commanders unable to efficiently navigate the battlefield and perceive incoming attacks and may be left in disarray."


Only the Master Computer Countermeasures support power available at the Temple of Nod is capable of resetting the minimap radar back to its normal status without waiting.

Without the minimap, the player can only be alert on his surroundings, on the lookout for sneak attacks and ambushes, until the missile's effect subsides.

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