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Removes the shroud and reveals stealthed units for a short period of time.

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The Radar Scan is a tactical aid deployed by GDI that scans a given area using advanced satellite and radar sensors, revealing any enemy structures or units in the area as well as revealing any stealth-using foes. It requires a Command Post to be used with the cost of 300 credits.

Most field commanders love this ability, especially against Nod's stealth troops. This gives GDI commanders a huge strategic advantage over the enemy forces. Nod commanders and Scrin foremen can capture an enemy GDI Command Post to gain this power.

The Radar Scan plays its best role when the GDI Commander wants to use offensive support powers (such as Orca Strike, Orbital Strike, or Shockwave artillery), since all non-superweapon offensive support powers can only be used in the commander's line of sight. Zone Troopers and Zone Raiders can be dropped into an area scanned by Radar Scan, allowing them to get into the rear enemy base and beginning hacking at the vitals.

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