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Gen2 Gameicon
Gen2 Gameicon
Railgun tank
Gen2 Aegis Ingame

European Union


Advanced Battle Tank



Produced by

EU war factory

Generals2logo The following is based on content cut from Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Everybody else looks so small!
- Railgun tank[1]
EU HeavyRailgunTank Portrait

The railgun tank was a European Union vehicle from the cancelled Command & Conquer (2013). First seen in the gameplay trailer, it is shown that they have a laser-based armament released from claw-shape turret, which can shoot many targets in a line as a platoon of them took out many GLA tanks with ease.

Alternatively, the Aegis tank may have a railgun, due the the exposed "rails". However, a prominent impracticality of such a design is that rails of a railgun are violently forced apart when firing, justifying a solid casing.


EMP Overload icon
EMP Overload Fires a beam of EMP that disables all enemy units in its line of fire for a few seconds.


High Explosives icon
High Explosives Increases the damage of all vehicles.




  1. New unit names (February 27, 2012).
Gen2 EU logo summit European Union Second GLA War Arsenal Gen2 EU logo summit

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