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RA3 Gameicon
RA3 Gameicon
Ramming speeds!
- Shogun Battleship issuing a high speed crash through ships attack
RA3 Ramming Speed Icons

The Shogun Battleship is rumored to do high speed ramming attacks

Ramming Speeds is the Special Ability Imperial Shogun Battleships uses. This ability takes a long time to recharge after each activation. However, once activated, the engines of the Shogun will be supercharged, and an energy shield activated, allowing the mighty ship to ram enemy ships at high speed.

If an enemy ship managed to evade death and oblivion from the Shogun's long-range cannons, and somehow made it up close to the battleship where its main guns can't reach it, the ship may still be rammed and sunk upon the activation of this ability. Ramming by a Shogun guarantees serious damage even for capital ships. The maneuver is therefore very effective, provided the Shogun is not shrunken down by a Cryocopter. If the battleship is foolish enough to do this on anything, it will explode on contact.

This ability is, basically, a naval version of the King Oni's Bull Rush.

Sometimes, using this special ability can help a Battleship to escape from more dangerous enemies, as it increases the Battleship's speed.

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