Ray Copter
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3 Copters triple-teaming a reactor



Anti Surface Copter







Ground attack

Anti Surface Laser

Air attack

Anti Air Laser

Air speed


Attack range


Sight range


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During the Second World War, Allied air force was very limited and mostly only used Longbows helicopters as gunships. These were armed with powerful anti surface rockets that made short work of buildings and even tanks sometimes. After the war however, the Longbows were retired from active duty as the Allies replaced them with the more mobile Harriers that needed to expose themselves for a short time to enemy fire, unlike Longbows.

However some Allied commanders noted the lack of an anti surface gunship that could have been useful in some situations during the Third World War, as the Harrier was a hit & run unit and was not projected for long-term operations. For this reason, when the Psychic Dominator Disaster came to an end, the Allies developed the Ray Copter, a powerful helicopter meant to be able to engage both air and ground targets with a powerful laser. Unlike the Longbow, the Ray Copter did not need to reload at a helipad, making it even more effective than the old helicopter.

The Ray Copter was good as a support unit to help tanks to get past other tanks or even base defences. However it did not have extremely tough armor, so anti air units were a threat to it.

After time travel by the Soviets and the events that led to the second iteration of the Fouth World War, the Ray Copter was apparently erased from existance. However, to replace it the Allies invented the Cryocopter, a copter with a similar design but with a different purpose.

IMG 0923

Copters attacking while facing behind


  • The Ray Copter can attack while facing the opposite direction
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