Ready to Roll Out
Unit Unlocked

Pacifier FAV


1 vs 1


Gosh Darn Mongolians!


The Final Countdown

Ready to Roll Out is the thirty-fourth mission in the Commander's Challenge after Kenji is defeated during the Gosh Darn Mongolians! mission and before The Final Countdown operation. Douglas Hill is fighting the Futuretech Commander and this unlocks another FutureTech favourite, the Pacifier FAV that was stolen from an Allied Outpost during a Defense of Yoshiro's Tomb by the Japanese forces loyal to Prince Tatsu.


FutureTech promises another victory following thirty-three successes in the past and their Commander is sent to Canada for the final time following both Are You Experienced and Chrono You Didn't which Lydia Winters had the important weapon in her hands back for her second appearance. The Commander smashed the two bases belonging to Douglas Hill and he was defeated which led to the Pacifier FAV being taken by FutureTech Corporation back to The Netherlands for vital testing as one of their own weapons that the Allies had during The Uprising in 1986. One of their deployments was in Before the Hallowed Tomb where Giles Price had an Outpost on Oki Island in Japan at the beginning of the mission.

Strategies and Notes

  • Douglas has 2 bases
  • Douglas will send mostly Pacifiers and Riptide APCs to attack you.
  • After a few minutes pass, a Pacifier will spawn near the Oil Derrick near your base. 
  • Douglas will send Apollos to defend his Pacifiers from your aircraft

Briefing Information


The mission's title could be a reference to the Starcraft series, where the Siege Tank actually resembles a Pacifier FAV and always use the phrase of those exact words. They say "Ready to Roll Out" only once.

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