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Close range anti-infantry vehicle


$17M, 34M RP (Defensive Research)

Attack range

1.5 m

25px-Disambig This article is about the Tiberium Alliances unit. For the Tiberium Wars unit, see Reckoner (Tiberium Wars).
TA Reckoner

The Nod Reckoner is an offensive and defensive anti-infantry vehicle in Tiberium Alliances. The Reckoner is the first offensive vehicle available to the Nod arsenal without any research.

The Reckoner plays the same role as the GDI Guardian as a short range anti-infantry, making it useful for destroying enemy personnel that may threaten the wave's heavier vehicles and infantry.

However it is weak to stronger armor, heavy tanks and anti-vehicle defenses will sure make short work.

It is only good against infantry units except for the Rocket Fist which can be defeated by a couple of Reckoners.



  • The Reckoner's behavior in Alliances is entirely the opposite than it's Kane's Wrath counterpart; it can fire and it doesn't deploy into a bunker when destroyed, throwing it's role of a armored transport, out of the window.

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