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Wiki The following is based on Red Alert 1 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Red Alert 1 cutscene script is the original script that was supposed to be used for filming the cutscenes for the Soviet side in Red Alert 1.

Notable features:

  • 15 missions instead of 14
  • Unique cutscene after winning/losing each mission
  • Alternative mission scenarios in some cases
  • A more visible presence of the Brotherhood of Nod and its influence on the Soviet Union - posters, tattoos, etc.
  • More frequent appearances of Kane
  • Nikos Stavros is a traitor, secretly working for the Soviets
  • Georgi Kukov eventually becomes a traitor as well - shocked by Stalin's brutal methods, he defects to the Allies (or attempts to assassinate Stalin)
  • Gradenko and Stalin are shot dead, rather than being poisoned by Nadia


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