Ra timeline


Time will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell...
- Albert Einstein

Pre- World War II

  • 1914 -1918 AD

Great World War I started by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrillo Princip, member of the Bosnian Youth movement, in Sarajevo.

  • 1917

October Revolution: the communists seize power in Russia. The USSR is formed.

  • 1924

Adolf Hitler, leader of the NSDAP disappears. The party falls apart due to infighting within the KPD, preventing the rise of Nazi Germany.

World War II Timeline (Red Alert)

  • 1925

Stalin becomes the leader of the Soviet Union.

  • 1929-1930's

The Western world suffers from the Great Depression, while the isolated Soviet Union grows in power.

  • 1940's

Stalin takes back the Baltic States, the east of Poland and some parts of Finland. Eastern parts of Germany are given to Poland. The United Nations are founded. Technology develops at a rapid rate during the peace.

  • 1946

Trinity, New Mexico. The Chronosphere experiment is considered a loss, Albert Einstein continues his research.[1]

  • 1950s

The USSR grows in strength and invades China and Europe, starting the Great World War II, ending in Allied victory. Following the war, the USSR disarms and begins reconstruction. The United States of America becomes a superpower.

World War III Timeline (Red Alert 2)

Listen to me, very carefully! I am not your pet Mr. President! We Romanovs have our legacy to consider!
- Premier Romanov
  • 1950's-1970's

Alexander Romanov became premier of the USSR. Under his leadership, he creates the World Socialist Alliance and secretly rearms the USSR.

  • 1972

The Great World War III begins with the USSR and its World Socialist Alliance affiliates invading the USA. With help from the European Council, the US manages to repel the invasion with the help of Professor Albert Einstein's inventions. The war ends in Allied victory.

World War III Timeline (Yuri's Revenge)

  • 1972

Shortly after the end of the war, Yuri activates his Psychic Dominators and attempts to conquer the world, resulting in the Psychic Dominator Disaster.

To prevent this, the Allies used a prototype time machine to return to the beginning of the Third World War to not only defeat the Soviets once more but to avert Yuri's plan for world domination. The conflict ended but animosity between the Allies and Soviets remained. This eventually led to the Post-war Crisis.

World War III Timeline (Red Alert 3)

Who knows what nightmares we have created?
- Dr. Gregor Zelinsky, horrified at the result
  • 1927

Cherdenko's chrono-erasure of Professor Albert Einstein erased the Allied technological advantages over the USSR as well as the whole world of Nuclear Technology, depriving the Soviets of their Nuclear arsenal. With Nuclear weapons gone and after Great World War II, the Empire of the Rising Sun rises to superpower status and secretly builds their army.

  • 1986

The Empire of the Rising Sun declares war against Soviet Union and Allies, thus resulting in the outbreak of the World War III.

  • 1986

World War III ends with an Allied victory. The Empire of the Rising Sun is now led by a puppet government, led by Crown Prince Tatsu, to which the remaining Shogunates rebel, sparking The Uprising.

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