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Gen2 Gameicon
Gen2 Gameicon
Research Lab
Gen2 APA Tech Structure

Asian-Pacific Alliance


Research Center

Existor APA Logo Gold
Welcome back, General!
Research Lab contains upcoming content from Command & Conquer (Generals 2).
The content may change substantially over time as more details are revealed.
Gen2 APA Tech Structure

The Research Lab is a high tier tech building of Asian-Pacific Alliance that unlock tier 2 and 3 upgrades and operated basic research for the development of tier 3 Command center. Here also are researched upgrades to the Thunderfist and APA aircraft.


Flux Cluster Bomb 750 Cost, 22s Build Time - Stun plus Minor Damage to all Units in Radius. Upgrades Firefly
Efficient Deployment 750 Cost, 22s Build Time - Reduces Heat cost of Forward Deployment. Upgrades Firefly
Firestorm Barrage 1000 Cost, 22s Build Time - Ignites Target Area. Upgrades Mantis. Requires: Command Center Tier 2
Propaganda Expertise 1000 Cost, 22s Build Time - Increases heal rate and fire rate of propaganda effect. Upgrades Propaganda Tower, Research Lab, Overlord
Gen2 APA logo photoshop Asia-Pacific Alliance Second GLA War Arsenal Gen2 APA logo photoshop

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