CC Novel Cover The following is based on the spin off novel by Keith R. A. DeCandido and some details might contradict canon.

The resonator project was a program proposed by Dr. Elisa Scarangello in 2047.


Although GDI had begun reclamation efforts following the Firestorm Crisis, it was largely limited to slowing Tiberium by using sonic emitters and sonic fences. However, the resonator project would have been the beginning of a much more aggressive stance.

During the 2047 GDI Energy Summit, GDI developed the policy of preservation, which focused towards environmental protection and restoration. The resonator project was to bring this about. Using sonic emitters and the newly developed Shatterers, the program would begin with the Yellow Zones, containing Tiberium. The project would continue towards the long-term goal of eliminating Tiberium, turning the Red Zones into Blue Zones by 2112.

Despite Director Kinsburg's support, she opposed the project from the start, and was delayed by her. Kinsburg was worried about causing another environmental disaster, as well as concerns over "lavish expenditures". The Director-General even went so far to order Treasurer Redmond Boyle to limit the project budget. It was only until the Council of Directors, as well as other leaders and consultants, began to put on pressure that Kinsburg conceded.

Despite finally getting the funding, the resonator project was put on hold with the attack on the Philadelphia and the Third Tiberium War. Eventually, the project was initiated under the Zone Operations Command.

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