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RTB sounds good for me!
- Apollo
CNCTW Return to base Cameo
RA3 Allied Return to Base Icons
RA3 Soviet Return to Base Icons

The Battle for the Skies does not always go according to a Commander's plan, and there will be times aircraft will need to quickly make their way back to the base. During War of the Three Powers, Commanders can initiate the emergency "Return to Base" special ability for certain Allied and Soviet aircraft, ordering them to return to the Airbase immediately for repairs and rearming. This is useful for easier organization of air units during a battle.

Aircraft in RTB mode will increase their speeds slightly in order to reach the Airbase as quickly as possible and evading Anti Air Fire. This is of course only possible if there is enough landing space on the Airbases for the aircraft to return to.

Aircraft that can RTB:

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