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Reykjavík (IPA: [ˈreiːcaˌviːk]) is the capital of Iceland, its largest city and, with a latitude at 64°08' N, the world's most northern national capital.


The city lies currently in Blue Zone B-15 and is home to one of the GDI global command centres (after the Pentagon and the GDSS Philadelphia, which was later destroyed) with a large subterranean installation. It was also here that the new Mammoth Tank, named Mammoth 27, started production. Owners of Tiberium spikes that were commandeered by GDI came to the city to be financially compensated for the use of the buildings.

Storyline summary

Reykjavik was overrun in the initial stages of the Third Tiberium War by Nod forces, leaving the Pentagon the sole remaining world command hub. However, GDI managed to push back Nod and regain Reykjavik, rebuilding much of its infrastructure and facilities. Due to its remote location and high security, director Redmond Boyle retreated to the GDI reinforced bunker here when the Scrin invaded.

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