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CnC4 GDIDefenseClassRhino

GDI Defense Class


Long-range artillery




12 CP

Build time



Rank 14


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25px-Disambig For the Soviet unit of the same name, see Rhino tank (Red Alert 2).
CNC4 Rhino Cameo

The Rhino is a GDI Defense Class long-range artillery vehicle in Tiberian Twilight.


GDI Engineer 2047
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With a massive cannon, the vehicle needs to deploy in order to fire. When in deployed mode, it constantly fires off low-level sonic waves around itself, slowing and damaging enemies that try to attack it as well as unburrowing nearby enemy units. Because the vehicle is very slow, it is quite an easy target to tanks, laser units and even gunfire.

Like the Mammoth tank and the Mastodon, and unlike the Juggernaut, it leaves a husk when destroyed. Meaning that it can be upgraded with Backup systems for the husk to restore itself. Also when unpacked, it 's melee type attack is just like those of the Aftershock, smashing the ground although, it's the aftershock's form of attack and the rhino just consider it as an self defensive type of attack, but with proper support, the rhino's ability is considered as a gift for friendly units that are backing it up, and a curse for enemy units, especially those who carry tiberium crystals, as their targets starts to move slowly, giving the allied unit an window of opportunity to open fire, making enemies carrying tiberium crystals very vurnerable to enemy fire, causing them to lose the tiberium crystal they carry.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses it to destroy several targets.





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