Rick's Place





Urban environment


Safe House for Alexander Romanov and Soviet characters, except Yuri.

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Yuri's Revenge


Romanov on the Run

Rick's Place is a garrisonable building is similar to many other buildings other than being called a building. It was used in Morocco of the fourth Soviet mission, Romanov on the Run. Premier Romanov escapes to it in that mission.

The Rescue

While in Tomb Raided is that the Allied Commander had to rescue Albert Einstein from Yuri's unacceptable power in Egypt, Premier Alexander Romanov of the Soviet Union has been shot down over Morocco and crashed his plane, offscreen in the Sahara Desert.

The Soviet Commander has been sent to the desert in North Africa to find him. Yuri has to control Romanov, so that the mission would fail and replace the leader with someone else in the Soviet leadership.

Romanov was somewhere lost and without supplies, he went anywhere across the desert and must escape to a safe house or known as Rick's Place. The Soviet commando team, consisting the involvement of Libyan help had to rush through the desert and find their own leader, whose also head of the WSA.

Yuri's team, couldn't find their man, but the Soviets had found the Premier and was taken to the Airport building for leaving the desert. Yuri has occupied the only airbase and the Soviet commandos ambushed him and captured the airport, but Romanov had told them about the Iron Curtain project for his conference in Moscow. He got in and was flown out to the Soviets' main HQ in Russia.


  • Rick's Place is an obvious parody of the nightclub Rick's Café Américain from the 1942 film Casablanca.
  • In Romanov on the Run, the building cannot be damaged or garrisoned.