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Rio Warlord
CNCTWKW Rio Rebel Nod Warlord
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Renegade Nod

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Second Nod Reunification War


Splinter faction commander

Who dares challenge our supremacy?! The Brotherhood is dead, rotting with the heretic Kane! We're the true heirs of Nod, as it is written! Retreat! Withdraw! Or join your foolish prophet in... oblivion.
- Taunting LEGION

After Nod's defeat in the Second Tiberium War, Rio de Janeiro's Nod garrison rebelled and seceded from Nod opting to follow its own vision of the Ways of Nod. Its commander was a middle-aged Caucasian male who thought he could lead the splinter faction by himself and enjoy independence.

However, as the Rio Insurrection began, he found himself threatened by LEGION when the Nod AI masterminded the riots. The Warlord attempted to drive LEGION out of Rio but the AI's forces swamped his base. He soon attempted to surrender in his MCV and once more swear allegiance to Kane out of fear, but LEGION executed him as an example.

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