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RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon


Base unit

Jump jet infantry


Recon Airbourne Infantry


Integrated twin 20mm assault rifles with suppressors


Flight suit



Tech level


Hit points


Armour type




Build time


Produced by

Allied Barracks


Air Force Command

Ground attack

25 (SSA)

Air attack

25 (SSA)


30 (5 when elite)

Air speed


Attack range


Sight range


Elite upgrade

Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, self-healing

They won't see us comin'!
- Rocketeer
RA2 Rocketeer Icons
RA2 Rocketeer Veteran Icons

Rocketeers are Allied flying infantry utilized during the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


Equipped with a high powered jetpack and high calibre semi automatic carbine, these brave men can stay in the air almost indefinitely.

During the war, their first notable deployment was to assist Tanya in retaking the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs from Soviet control.

Judging by their noticeable accent, they are likely recruited the southern United States.

Game unit

Rocketeers are a good choice for scouting due to their speed and low cost. They are most useful when massed, especially when taking down Kirov Airships and enemy harvesters.

The Rocketeer can be seen grounded in Operation: Mirage for to conserve fuel and a Spy can disguise them self as one (although the imitator cannot fly). They fly immediately after receiving a command or under duress.

Rocketeers are one of only two infantry units that cannot enter the Infantry Fighting Vehicle, as they are constantly flying (the other being Yuri's Brutes).

Rocketeers have high enough health to survive a few splash damage attacks such as those from flak troopers if they have a captured tech hospital with the healing ability, but point defenses like gattling weapons can present a significant problem. Due to their inability to withstand sustained fire, are primarily used behind more durable units such as IFVs and Grizzly tanks.

Since they are an air unit, the Rocketeer is completely immune to attacks to most ground troops, even with mind control. They can only be easily taken out by anti-air units such as IFVs, or Flak tracks.

Groups of five Rocketeers or more can usually overwhelm an IFV. Nine or more Rocketeers is generally assured destruction unless there are air defenses nearby.

Generally, Rocketeers are relatively decent as a defensive unit: if a player is attacking only with troops that cannot target air units (Grizzly battle tanks, Rhino tanks, etc.), the Rocketeer is perfect for defending as it cannot be destroyed except by Soviet units with Flak weaponry. It is especially effective against Allied GIs and Soviet Conscripts as it can kill it easily.


They are not known to operate after the events of the Psychic Dominator Disaster. After Cherdenko changed the timeline, these flying soldiers were either erased or retired from service during the War of the Three Powers, although the Empire of the Rising Sun developed a similar unit called Rocket angel, whose weapon are more effective against tanks and aircraft.



  • Fast and mobile.
  • Can only be attacked by AA weapons.
  • Very effective at harassing enemy units.
  • Great scouting unit as it can travel across any terrain.
  • Can attack aircraft and V3 Rockets.
  • Immune to mind control.
  • Interestingly able to win against a deployed Guardian GI in a duel.
  • Deadly in Numbers


  • Fragile.
  • Vulnerable to any AA weapons, even Flak Troopers, Rogue IFVs and Gattling Tanks
  • Useless against heavy vehicles like the Apocalypse Tank unless massed in extreme numbers
  • Can not engage more than one unit at a time.
  • Loses to IFV/Flak Track/Gattling Tank in one by one situations at the same cost.

Design Notes

The idea of the rocketeers is probably taken from a superhero of the same name. The Rocketeer is a superhero which has been used in comics and a movie created in 1991. [1]

Some similarities exist between the two:

  • They are both used in a world war (WWII and Third World War);
  • They both have the same name (the only difference being capitalisation);
  • They are both sided with the Allies and are using hit and run tactics;
  • The design of the jetpack used in Red Alert 2 resembles the one used by The Rocketeer. Whether the rocketeer appearing in Red Alert 2 was a reference to the superhero or the concept was just based on it, has not been clarified.
  • There are real rocket pack designs that really fly albeit for several minutes only. The development of this equipment (also called jet packs) come from the World War II era. Rocketeers seem to use the rocket pack design in a similar fashion to one designed by Bell Aerosystems (a real life company). Cosmonauts in the game also use a similar system, albeit lighter, cheaper, and can be refitted to the bulky Cosmonaut suit.

Selected Quotes

Rockets in the sky
- When selected
All Fired up!
- When selected
Check out the view
- When selected
I can go anywhere!
- When selected
Got a clear view, sir
- When selected
Ready to soar
- When selected
Fuel tanks are filled
- When selected
Pushin' away
- When moving
Igniting boosters
- When moving
Riding High
- When moving
Up and over
- When moving
Got a steady flow
- When moving
I'll take the high road
- When moving
Lifting off
- When moving
He's got no place to hide
- When ordered to attack
I can see 'em
- When ordered to attack
I got 'em
- When ordered to attack
Clear out the place
- When ordered to attack
They won't see us comin'!
- When ordered to attack
I'm losing compression!
- Under fire
There's too much flak!
- Under fire
My rocket's hit!
- Under fire


Behind the Scenes

  • The Rocketeers is voiced by David Fries, who also voiced the Chrono Legionnaire and Propaganda Truck.
  • The Rocketeers may be based on Jump jet infantry in Tiberian Sun, since the name of this unit is Jumpjet in the game files.
  • Unlike Jumpjet Infantry in Tiberian Sun, Rocketeers always fly from the moment they spawn from the Barracks. However, they have standing and walking animations used by spies. In Operation: Mirage, several Rocketeers are standing on the ground at the mission start until they are moved. This is likely due to them initially standing when created, but having to move when exiting the Barracks.
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