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Rocky Mountains Complex
Tacitus Containment Building in the Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains, USA


North America


Low Tiberium contamination


Blue Zone (2052)



Appears in

Kane's Wrath


Tacitus Regained

Couldn't they store the Tacitus at somewhere more tropical?!
- A soldier from the 2nd Armored Regiment of the Black Hand

The Rocky Mountains Complex, also known as the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, was a military bunker complex originally under the control of the USA and then GDI. Because of the highly secure nature of the facility, GDI stored the Tacitus inside the complex after 2047, hoping the mountain of solid granite would keep the alien device safe from potential raid or invasion attempts.

The primary defense of the Complex was a pair of impregnable energy barriers, an inner one, protecting the lab storing the Tacitus itself, and outer one covering a much wider area, protecting a large area of the complex from hostile forces. Maintaining the Firestorm barrier at all times was considered necessary; despite the reduction of Firestorm technology in the wake of the Second Tiberium War, keeping the Tacitus safe was judged to be important enough to justify the cost.

Aside from the energy barriers and Sonic Emitters, the Rocky Mountain Complex also housed a number of other powerful defense installations. These included several bases and outposts, regular patrol measures, a Reclamator hub, a large number of AA batteries and several anti-infantry and aniti-vehicle defense installations, namely Guardian cannons and Watchtowers placed in strategic locations around in the nearby mountains.

In addition to this, a number of ZOCOM's best divisions were garrisoned in the complex bunkers, allowing quick massing of a combat-ready army capable of rapid deployment through a strategic tunnel-network, with exits at important strategic locations around the complex.

Unfortunately for GDI, in 2052, the Nod AI LEGION broke the facility's record of perfect security by utilizing the Marked of Kane with Black Hand and basic Nod reinforcements to destroy the GDI defenses around the mountain and raid the base to obtain the Tacitus for Kane. They retreated after taking the Tacitus before GDI reinforcements could arrive.

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