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Rouse the Black Hand was used in Global Conquest to join the Marked of Kane and Nod forces in taking down both the aliens and their common enemy, the Global Defense Initiative. As of being named from the Black Hand troopers, it was also named after the sub-faction that was first introduced to steal stealth technology from a Steel Talons research facility in Australia. After the technology was taken, Kane says to LEGION to retreat as Joshua Mitchell's forces attacked the Nod column who headed out of the country in survival during the Second Nod Reunification War in 2034.

This support power was used to awake the Nod forces and using their arsenal, they will start to attack enemy units in the area. Other deployments within the sub-faction was instrumental in a civil war against Marcion, blowing up a Liquid Tiberium laboratory, kidnapping Alphonse Giraud in Chile and helping the Marked of Kane steal the Tacitus in the United States of America. This could be similar to the Raise Marked of Kane, which this faction uses its arsenal such as Tiberium Troopers for instance. The Black Hand uses Pruifier Warmechs, Mantis units and Confessor Cabals to defeat their common enemies.

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