Asian-Pacific Alliance (2023)
Global Liberation Army



Key locations

Orenburg Oblast and Mount Elbrus

Key Personnel

Adela Baskova


First GLA War
Snow Fall
Second GLA War
Lights in the Sky

Current status


Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world and the battleground to two missions in the wars against the Global Liberation Army.


In 2013, the United States sent a B-3 bomber over to Russia in destroying a GLA position at Mount Elbrus. The U.S. also sent three Chinooks to the area in destroying Dr. Thrax's laboratory there. After the GLA position was destroyed, U.S. forces led by Colonel Burton raced against the PLA's Black Lotus to destroy the laboratory in the mountains. The Americans rescued their POWs from two GLA concentration camps and the village to the east of Burton's position. After taking out the GLA's funding operations and their forces, Burton reached the lab and set a C4 explosive to the mountain. Black Lotus got the information as needed and the avalanche destroyed the lab after the explosive had triggered a loud bang.

Second GLA War

One APA mission in Russia was held at the Orenburg Oblast area. Their objective was to destroy the European Union's Orbital Collider from firing onto the Asian-Pacific Alliance stationed there. The mission was called Lights in the Sky. For the country in 2023, both the GLA and the APA had disputes over who was to control the country following the sabotage of satellites within key nations of both Asia and Europe. One of the Global Liberation Army's Generals, Adela Baskova is a Russian by origin.

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