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Generals Saboteur
Idle Saboteur


  • Infiltration
  • Sabotage infantry


Hit points


Armour type

Human Armor



Build time


Produced by

GLA Barracks


Arms Dealer




30 (20 if badly wounded)

Attack range


Sight range


  • Sabotage buildings.
  • Stealth.
  • Climb hills and mountains.
Tell me your plan.
- Saboteur
ZH Saboteur Icons

Saboteurs are stealthy infiltration units trained by GLA. They were deployed later in their war against the USA and China.


Trained in stealth techniques, the Saboteur could climb cliffs to infiltrate enemy bases. Once inside, the Saboteur could enter enemy facilities and power them down for a time. If a Saboteur entered an enemy Command center, the timers for the deployment of special promotional abilities would be reset. GLA commanders had to have an Arms Dealer on the battlefield before they could train Saboteurs.

Dr. Thrax and General Rodall 'Demo' Juhziz do not employ Saboteurs.


I'll shut them down!
- Saboteur on the attack
ZH Saboteur Icons Sabotage - Can temporarily disable enemy building.

Effect on Buildings

Game unit

They will suspect nothing!
- Saboteur


The Saboteur had a very limited purpose, but if used tactically they could turn a battle around. Potentially they could delay the deployment of special powers and superweapons, shut down a base's power grid or prevent the construction of vehicles/training of infantry. At the right moment this could give a GLA commander a considerable tactical advantage.

Provided they could stay out of sight, they make excellent scouts if they manage to sneak into an enemy base.

This was not to plan!
- Saboteur under fire


However, they were unarmed and could only perform a non-lethal ability. The only defense that a Saboteur had was to avoid detection. They were also soft targets, thus they were easy target practice for units with anti-personnel weapons or get quickly run over by vehicles.

Selected Quotes

You have my services.
- When emerging from the Barracks
I have learned their ways.
- When selected
Their systems lay open to me.
- When selected
- When selected
Tell me your plan.
- When selected
Yes... a better way.
- When moving
This way is good.
- When moving
I go unseen.
- When moving
As we have discussed.
- When moving
Of course.
- When moving
I'll shut them down!
- When sabotaging an enemy building
Their security has faults!
- When sabotaging an enemy building
I know the way in!
- When sabotaging an enemy building
Our plan will succeed!
- When sabotaging an enemy building
They will suspect nothing!
- When sabotaging an enemy building
My mission is in jeopardy!
- Under attack
I've been discovered!
- Under attack
They have found me!
- Under attack
This was not to plan!
- Under attack

Cut Demo Saboteur's quotes

Saboteur here, armed with demolitions.
- When selected
Demo Saboteur.
- When selected
I'll sneak in and blow them up.
- When selected
I will keep this charge safe.
- When moving
Demo charge in hand.
- When ordered to plant explosive charges
Readying the demo pack.
- When ordered to plant explosive charges
Preparing demo charge.
- When ordered to plant explosive charges
They will not notice this trap.
- When planting explosive charges
I'll put the demo charge there.
- When planting explosive charges
It will crumble!
- When planting explosive charges


  • The Saboteur was originally able to steal cash from American Supply Drop Zones. It was most likely removed because it gave the U.S. too much of a disadvantage compared to the other factions, whose secondary sources of income cannot be infiltrated.
  • ZH Unused Sabotage Icons

    Unused Sabotage icons

    There's also a selection picture for the Sabotage ability that's not used. In the game, the Sabotage ability simply uses the Saboteur portrait.
I'll sneak in and blow them up.
- Demo Saboteur's unused quote
  • Juhziz was originally meant to have a unique variant of the Saboteur called the Demo Saboteur, that could plant explosive charges and infiltrate structures. This variant was not implemented into his final faction design as it did not fit him and was also quite unbalanced at the same time (having an almost identical capability similar to the hero units Colonel Burton and Juhziz's Jarmen Kell). Mods like Shockwave, however, restores the Demo Saboteur.
  • Their capability to sabotage structures combined with their stealth feature and availability at tier 3 makes them very similar to Allied Spy from Red Alert universe.


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