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Let's go get some parts!
- GLA Technical
CNCG Marauder Upgrades

Marauder tanks have been known to upgrade with salvaged parts.

During the War of Liberation, the Global Liberation Army lacked the necessary engineering and financial assets to construct advanced weapons systems for its vehicles on par with those of its enemies. However, GLA vehicle crews were able to overcome this by salvaging equipment from the wreckage of destroyed vehicles, and adapting it to fit their own vehicles. When a friendly GLA vehicle was destroyed by the enemy, or when an enemy vehicle was destroyed by a GLA unit, a salvage crate was left behind. This crate could be picked up by any GLA unit and used for upgrades.

In Command & Conquer: Generals, only Technicals, Quad Cannons, and Marauder tanks could be upgraded. However, in the expansion pack Zero Hour, Scorpion Tanks, Toxin Tractors, Scud Launchers, and Battle Buses also gained the ability to upgrade with salvage crates.

Vehicle First salvage upgrade Second salvage upgrade
Marauder Tank Faster cannon reload Dual cannons with faster reload
Quad Cannon Improved rate of fire Further improved rate of fire
Technical Machine gun replaced by cannon Cannon replaced by rocket launcher
Scorpion Tank More powerful cannon Dual Scorpion Rockets (only if researched)
Toxin Tractor Improved range Further improved range
Scud Launcher Improved range Further improved range
Battle Bus Improved armor Further improved armor

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