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The Invasion of Munich (mentioned)

Salzburg is major city in Austria. It was connected to Munich via a metro tunnel for GDI's Futuretech scientists, notably Emel Ibrahiim to escape under a GDI escort from the Scrin's invasion of the city.

Role in the Invasion

GDI carried the scientists in three convoy trucks heading out for the city of Munich in Germany. The GDI forces captured a laboratory and sent out three trucks under heavy guard to the metro station. The situation turned worse when a lot of the Scrin managed to open fire on them from getting to the station. The trucks safely arrived at the site and got into the metro as it heads out of Munich straight to Salzburg. The William Frank Hour interviewed Doctor Ibrahiim about the Invasion of Earth and alien arrivals after the Liquid Tiberium explosion that seemingly killed Kane and disformed the Brotherhood. General Jack Granger and Kirce James sent the survived GDI Commander (TWIII) to Stuttgart by using Fullerton to find GDI survivors and destroy the Drone Ship in the outskirts.

Salzburg, along with Vienna and the defunctioned Grain Trade Center are located in Austria. By 2042, the Brotherhood sieged eastern Europe into a Yellow Zone. GDI scientists were carried by V-35 Ox Transports to the Blue Zone that remains a safe haven: the eastern seaboard of the United States of America.

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