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YR Gameicon
YR Gameicon
Sammy Stallion

Neutral, Allied aligned




M-60 machinegun
Nuclear grenade launcher

Tech level


Hit points


Armour type


Ground attack
  • 125 (vs. infantry) (HollowPoint4)
  • 10000 (vs. building) (NukeB)
  • 125 (vs. infantry) (IFV) (HollowPoint3)




Attack range
Sight range



Campaign only

You want war? YOU GOT IT!
- Sammy

Sammy Stallion is a bonus unit in Yuri's Revenge in the mission 2: Hollywood and Vain.


You're a disease - and I'm the cure!
- Sammy

He is an Epic Unit armed with an M-60 machine-gun and grenades to dispatch infantry and destroy structures, but he cannot attack vehicles. He is easily one of the most powerful units ever in Red Alert 2.

He is based on the actor Sylvester Stallone, from when he played the role as Rambo.

Selected Quotes

- When selected
I'm their worst nightmare
- When selected
Ready for round one
- When selected
I'm going the distance
- When ordered to move.
Yo, I'm there!
- When moving
Fancy footwork
- When moving
You know it
- When moving
Alright, sounds like a plan
- When moving
You ain't so bad
- When ordered to attack
You want war?,YOU GOT IT!
- When ordered to attack
Did you bring body bags?
- When ordered to attack
You ain't nothing!
- When ordered to attack
You're the disease and I'm the cure!
- When ordered to attack
They hittin' pretty hard
- Under fire
This ain't looking so good!
- Under fire
Hey yo, how 'bout some help here?
- Under fire
Yo, you can't scramble my brains!
- When the enemy tries to mind control him
Yo, nice try!
- When the enemy tries to mind control him
I ain't even got a headache!
- When the enemy tries to mind control him
Yo, my mom hits harder than that!
- When the enemy tries to mind control him
I got a hard head
- When the enemy tries to mind control him
Yo, thanks for getting me out Commander!
- When he's rescued by Allied Commander

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  • Due to possible legal reasons, Sammy (along with the other celebrity Epic Units) have had their unique dialogue and names removed. All of the celebrities use G.I. quotes as placeholders. This applies to versions of the game with patches installed. The original version of the game (not patched) is the only version of the game with unaltered versions of the units.
  • In early versions of Mental Omega, Sammy Stallion can be trained by Epsilon (Yuri's Faction) Barracks and has the same quote set and attacks.
  • In the DeeZire mod, Stallion can use his nuclear grenade launcher on vehicles and C4 on structures, making him even more powerful than his original incarnation, even able to take on a War Miner one on one.
Tech Structures & Neutral Forces

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