South America




Capital City


Brotherhood of Nod
Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun


Operation World Watch

Santiago is the capital city of Chile where GDI's Orca Bomber craft supported by Orca Fighter craft destroyed some of Nod's important targets such as anti-air surface missile batteries plus command and control systems. This led GDI into the Second Tiberium War.

Mission Near Santiago

Orca Bombers and Orca Fighters headed out of GDI Helipads to attack some Nod bases lurking about near Chile's capital city in an attempt to occupy the country and control Chile under a Nod government. When Nod heard about the GDI air force, they set up command and control systems plus anti-air surface missile batteries to destroy the aircraft from the sky. The GDI air force destroyed the missile batteries as Nod tried to open fire on them, and left the command and control systems to full exposure in destroying them. The aircraft had minimal casualities and had returned to base. Lieutenant Colonel Tom Braider said the mission was a success and the Second Tiberium War began in the United States of America at Phoenix Base while Nod dealt with Hassan's loyalists at Sirte in Libya.

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