Unit Unlocked

Natasha Volkova


2 vs 1


Athena's Wrath


Offshore Killing

Side Unlocked

Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed

Scavenger is a mission in the Commander's Challenge mode, ranked seventh in the campaign ladder. Takara Sato, a former Rocket Angel herself and Vera Belova from the Where Satellites Go To Die had asked the Futuretech Commander not to intervene as they check out for husks of old equipment like King Onis, Reapers and lot of robotic monsters across a wretched battlefield off the coast of north-eastern Brazil. Kelly Weaver, the FutureTech CPO says to intervene as the Commander makes waves of attacks towards the two. Belova decides to send in her elite sniper: Natasha Volkova to shoot the Commander's troops and also, the Commander needs that unlocked unit.

Briefing Information

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