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Scud Launcher
Generals Scud Launcher
SCUD Lauchers: basic, upgraded once, upgraded twice





SCUD missiles



Hit points


Armour type

Truck Armor



Build time


Produced by

Arms Dealer



Ground attack
  • 300 (375 with AP Rocket) (Explosion) (Explosive Warhead)
  • 200 (Explosion) (Anthrax Warhead)
  • 400 (500 with AP Rocket) (with salvaged 2) (Explosion) (Explosive Warhead)
  • 250 (with salvaged 2) (Explosion) (Anthrax Warhead)

20 (15 if badly damaged)

Attack range
  • 350 (minimum 200)
  • 450 (minimum 200) (with salvaged 1)
Sight range


Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons
Anthrax Beta
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons
Anthrax Gamma (Thrax only)
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons
Junk Repair

Salvage parts


Prince Kassad is unable to build Scud Launchers.

Shall I push the button?
- SCUD Launcher leaving the Arms Dealer
Gen1 Scud Launcher Icons

The MAZ-543 Scud Transporter Erector Launcher is an old, Soviet ballistic missile launching vehicle acquired by the GLA. It is obtained from an Arms Dealer and requires a Palace on the battlefield to acquire and build.

Scud launchers require spending a General's promotion point to acquire.


Something for the masses!
- SCUD Launcher

They represent the GLA's most advanced long-range weapon. A large, slow vehicle, the Scud Launcher can launch a single SCUD missile at an enemy position.


High-explosive warhead in place.
- HE Warhead selected
Gen1 High Explosive Warhead Icons High Explosive Warhead Deals more damage and larger area of destruction.
Anthrax warhead in place.
- Anthrax Warhead selected
Gen1 Anthrax Warhead Icons Anthrax Warhead Spread toxic around the targeted area. Deals more damage to infantry and vehicles.



SCUD launcher, poised to strike!
- SCUD Launcher
Gen1 Anthrax Beta Icons Anthrax Beta Improves the potency of the toxin (when toxin warheads were selected). (Note that Dr. Thrax upgraded to Anthrax Gamma instead. This upgrade wasn't available for General Juhziz, as shown above.) Purchasable from any Palace (except Dr. Thrax's) for a cost of $2000.
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons Anthrax Gamma When purchased, improves the the potency of the toxin further. Purchasable Dr.Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2000.
Gen1 Junk Repair Icons Junk Repair Allows the Scud Launcher to self-repair slowly to full health. Purchasable from any Black Market for a cost of $2000.


Look at my beautiful weapon!
- SCUD Launcher

In Zero Hour, the Scud Launcher could be upgraded from the salvaged parts of destroyed enemy vehicles, improving its range and firepower. When fully refit, it surpasses other artillery, including the Nuke Cannon.


Dr Thrax

  • SCUD Launcher only has Anthrax Warhead missiles.
  • Automatically uses Anthrax Beta and can be further upgraded.
  • Anthrax Gamma - +25% toxin damage. Can kill most units, even tanks are heavily damaged when in the affected area. Not very effective against buildings.

General Rodall Demo Juhziz

  • SCUD Launcher only has High Explosive Warhead missiles.
  • These missiles cause more damage than usual and can destroy most enemy units in a larger area.
  • When striking the Chinese Overlord, the Overlord is left with only 25% life.

Prince Kassad

Game unit

Sweet ascension of doom!
- SCUD Launcher

The Scud Launcher is a slow, unwieldy, and poorly armored vehicle. Of course, it also has extremely high range and its Scud missiles deal significant damage.

Since the missiles' trajectory can not be altered mid-flight (unlike the Tomahawk launcher), this gives the Scud Launcher a very fixed role as a siege weapon. The Scud Launcher requires protection by other units at all times, as it is useless against almost any unit capable of moving, especially air units.

However due to the slow missile flight speed, it can be rendered useless against heavy defenses, especially in an area filled with units that have PDLs.

The Scud Launcher can be used in a similar fashion as the Chinese Nuke Cannon as a impromptu base defense, as it had a large blast radius, and can pick up the remainder scrap after a battle. Unlike the Nuke Cannon however, when fully upgraded the Scud Launcher can engage opposing artillery easily, and does not have to reposition itself like a Nuke Cannon does. This was rather useful considering the GLA were somewhat lacking in terms of effective base defenses compared to the other generals.



  • The most powerful artillery with maximum salvage, otherwise it is second only to the Nuke Cannon
  • High Explosive warhead is effective against buildings and vehicles
  • Anthrax warhead is effective against infantry and leaves behind a cloud of toxin
  • Salvage parts improves blast radius and missile range
  • Very powerful in numbers
  • Blast radius can damage moving targets missed by initial attack
  • Can destroy light vehicles in one shot if hit directly
  • Missile is stronger compared to that of the Tomahawk Launcher


  • Poor armor
  • Very slow
  • Only available via General Promotion
  • Ineffective against fast moving targets
  • Vulnerable to aircraft
  • Vulnerable to any unit at close range
  • Missile can be intercepted by point defense lasers, ECM and sufficient base defenses
  • Anthrax Warhead has lower damage than High explosive warhead.
  • Missiles don't home in on targets.
  • Can cause friendly fire if not managed carefully

Selected Quotes

Shall I push the button?
- When emerging from the Arms Dealer
SCUD Launcher, poised to strike!
- When selected
Look at my beautiful weapon!
- When selected
We'll send them running
- When selected
Their tragedy will come
- When selected
Something for the masses!
- When selected
- When selected
Moving carefully...
- When moving
Just close enough.
- When moving
Getting in range.
- When moving
Positioning for launch cycle.
- When moving
Without delay.
- When moving
Release... the SCUD.
- When ordered to attack
Sweet ascension of doom.
- When ordered to attack
How glorious.
- When ordered to attack
I've been waiting for this!
- When ordered to attack
Up, up, UP!
- When ordered to attack
Devastation on its way.
- When ordered to attack
To the heavens!
- When ordered to attack
Load the SCUD!
- When ordered to attack
They are too close, ram them!
- When ordered to run over
They are against us.
- When ordered to run over
Don't let them hurt the SCUD!
- When ordered to run over
Anthrax warhead in place.
- When ordered to use Anthrax Warhead
Anthrax missile ready.
- When ordered to use Anthrax Warhead
High-explosive warhead in place.
- When ordered to use High Explosive Warhead
High-explosive missile ready.
- When ordered to use High Explosive Warhead



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