Sears Tower

Upper Chicago, United States


North America




Major Site


United States

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2


Last Chance

Sears Tower is a major site in Chicago of the United States. It was the first building to fall when General Vladimir blew the city up with a Nuclear Missile Silo, killing all Civilians and Allied soldiers stationed in the city.


The Operation

Rocketeers blew up two French Grand Cannons for the Allied navy to get through. Destroyers attacked the Typhoon Attack Subs, the Naval Shipyard and fewer Soviet land forces. Landing on the coast, Grizzly Tank brigades destroyed Soviet structures and establishing the Allied base. The Allied Commander (GWWIII) built up a garrisoned force and some Harriers at their Air Force Command Headquarter. They attempted a strategy in destroying the Psychic Amplifier, which was successful. A Nuclear Missile Silo was built in its place for something worse to the citizens of Chicago.

- Vladimir, blowing up the city with a Nuke on it.

The Nuke Incident

Vladimir used a Nuclear Missile Silo in secret to blow up Chicago. When the missile hits a center of the city, Sears Tower became the first building to fall. The rest came with the missile's so-called "mushroom cloud". Thousands of Civilians and Allied soldiers were killed in the blast, which caused severe consquences to the Soviet war machine & their invasion of the United States of America. As Romanov was furious with his best General, the European Council under Great Britain and its two European Allies declared a state of help to Michael Dugan and his skilled player in the next mission briefing. The damage was, however, undone following the Psychic Dominator Disaster, meaning the tower still stands today.

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