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25px-Disambig For the Secret Lab in Yuri's Revenge, see Tech Secret Lab (Red Alert 2).

The Secret Lab is a rare building found in Generals: Zero Hour. It's a laboratory used for many factions like the GLA, China or the United States to experiment all of their technologies. A similar Secret Lab was seen in Russia and the Middle East for Dr. Thrax's Toxin operations.

Appearances of the Secret Lab

As of the Generals Challenge, a Secret Lab similar to this was seen in the USA's third mission of Snow Fall. American commando, Colonel Burton and Chinese operative Black Lotus joined each other to make an avalanche on the lab. After being separated from each other, Colonel Burton rescued US prisoners captured by GLA forces and took out their main base plus three Oil Derricks for Thrax's funding. Burton reached the top and placed an explosive which caused an avalanche, destroying the laboratory.

In Area Fifty-Two, a laboratory from Snow Fall can be seen near the Command Center of Doctor Thrax, himself. If the Americans or GLA defectors destroy it, the lab will go the same destruction as in Russia before by the avalanche.

Zero Hour

The Secret Lab is seen once in the Generals Challenge while fighting Leang. It can act as a bunker, making it reset the WMD timers upon destruction or capture.

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