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Seismic Tank / Sonic Cannon
  • Seismic Tank concept art
  • Sonic Cannon concept art



Seismic/sonic cannon (?)

CnCYR-Win-Cover The following is based on content cut from Yuri's Revenge and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The seismic tank or a sonic cannon is a Soviet vehicle cut from Yuri's Revenge. It is supposed to create massive earthquakes to damage everything in its wake.


It makes an appearance in various mods, most notably MooMan's Rules and Deezire.


The same technology appeared in Mental Omega 3.0 (mod) in the form of a defense structure and vehicle: the Soviet Hammer Defense from China and the Basswave from the United States.

China's hero Yunru in the same mod have an second ability know as Earth Breaker, in which she make a small size earthquake that deal massive damage to surounding vehicle and structure.

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