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Shadow Strike Team
CNC3 TW Nod Shadow Strike Team

CNC3 Nod Logo Nod
CNCKW Marked of Kane logo Marked of Kane

  • $1600 (TW)
  • $2000 (KW)
Build time
  • 2:58 (TW)
  • 3:00 (KW)

Secret Shrine

CNCTW Shadow Strike Team Cameo
TW Shadow Strike Team Icons

Shadow strike teams are a group of veteran Brotherhood of Nod Shadow Teams, able to be called from a Secret shrine. These Shadows are dispatched onto the battlefield immediately using their gliders. With the advantage of speed and surprise, these teams are able to perform assassinations and demolition effectively.

The one main drawback is if they are detected by any anti-air unit while en route to their target, they are easily killed. Like all units that are called in via Support Powers, they will fly in from the side of the map closest to their supporting structure (in this case, the Secret Shrine.) Keep this in mind when activating the power.

CNC3 Nod Logo Brotherhood of Nod Third Tiberium War Arsenal CNC3 Nod Logo
TW gameiconKW gameicon
TW gameiconKW gameicon

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