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Shai Aviv is an Israeli commando appearing in Renegade.


A tough-as-nails commando and a woman of few words. Prior to joining GDI, Shai Aviv was a member of the Israeli Mossad, where she served with distinction. When she joined the Dead-6, she took on the roles of tactical engineer, proving to be an invaluable asset on the battlefield, when vehicle repair, structure capturing and demolitions were needed.


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 Hotwire first appears in Mission 6: Deadly Reunion, she is pinned down in a building near the Triangle Garden. Clearing the debris and killing the enemies in the area will liberate her. She later appears along with the other Dead 6 in the 8th mission, Obelisk of Oppression, where you have to escort Hotwire to the SAM sites so she can convert NOD vehicles to GDI control.

She is playable in Multiplayer Mode, with her advanced repair gun and several C4s.


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