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Shin Fai
GenZH Fai Mugshot
Biographical information


Political information

People's Republic of China


General Class AAA

Game information

War Against GLA


Chinese Infantry General

I have enough men to crush you without firing a shot!
- General Fai

General 'Anvil' Shin Fai was a Chinese Class AAA general serving in the People's Liberation Army (PLA) during the War against the GLA.


On the battlefield, China's greatest resource is the millions of individuals in uniform, and General Shin has staked a career on them. Known to his troopers as The Anvil, the 57 year old[1] General Shin can mobilize four divisions in twenty-four hours thanks to a streamlined, and sometimes brutal, command structure. Discipline is very strong with General Shin, and officers and infantry who can maintain it are rewarded.[2]

The General has developed advanced field training programs for the Red Guard and elite operatives. Military analysts credit the speed and professionalism of General Shin's peacekeeping units with preventing the Taiwan Conflict of 2009 from becoming a global war. His divisions feature several weapons and transport systems unique in the People's Liberation Army.[2]

Stationed at Camp Snake, Beijing, Fai's Combat Number is 2030-200403-1.





General's powers


Generals Challenge

Despite the fact that his taunts are in the games files, he is not faced in the Generals Challenge. This means that if the player chooses to play as Fai then they will have to beat all the Generals. The same goes with General Rodall Juhziz.

However, certain modifications, such as Pro:Gen, allow the player to battle against Fai in his own area. In these mods, his base can only be accessed via three bridges, each bridge being heavily defended by garrisoned bunkers and walls. Fai's base appears to be the most heavily defended of all the Chinese generals though that does not stop him from sending waves of infantry to attack the player's base.

Select Quotes

Without a War Factory you have to fight me man to man, General!
- General Fai when the Player's War Factory is destroyed
They are in our base! KILL THEM!!! GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!!
- General Fai
Ohhhhh... look at the pretty light show! What do you hope to accomplish with that petty weapon, General ?
- General Fai Being attacked by a Particle Cannon
Men!? Where are my men?! You wouldn't consider letting me go would you? Please don't hurt me...
- General Fai defeated by the player


All of Fai's infantry would have been upgradeable with his own version of protective chemical suits, similar to the standard American Chemical Suits upgrade. The sounds for this upgrade are still accessible from in-game files and the upgrade itself can be applied if modded in by the user.

Fai's pistol is a CZ-75 (Pre-B model) and the rifles in the background are H&K SL8s.



See also


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