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Shock Pods
CNCKW Shock Pods
Shock Troopers being teleported in. Note their lack of Blink Packs.

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CNCKW Shock Pods Cameo

Shock Pods is a Reaper-17 support power which teleports three veteran shock trooper squads onto the battlefield, similar to The Swarm. Though it was similar in purpose to GDI's drop pods, this support power deploys them instantly without fear of losing them, unlike GDI's case where the drop pods can be destroyed even before it lands to deploy their respective units.

Besides using Shock Pods to assist in an attack and provide anti-vehicle and anti-air support (with the appropriate upgrade), it may be used to reinforce an Eradicator Hexapod without infantry(or at most, with 2 infantry) garrisoned in a pinch, though with a slightly higher cost (600 credits more), as well as the fact that the veterancy of the Shock Troopers aren't applied when garrisoned, unless the Eradicator itself has veterancy.

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